Did you ever think you’d ever be considering nursing two babies at once? Also known as tandem nursing, simultaneous breastfeeding happens all the time, especially with twins and triplets. It can be an effective way to get both babies on the same schedule, and save you time in the long run!

Ask anyone with twins or multiples, simultaneous breastfeeding requires more work and dedication than breastfeeding a singleton. As a mother of multiples, you likely have many questions about how to most effectively feed your babies. Sometimes the responsibility of feeding more than one baby can be overwhelming, and you may worry that you won’t produce enough milk. Despite its many challenges, simultaneous breastfeeding is a great time saver! It will get your two babies on the same schedule, and can therefore be worth the effort. If you plan ahead and receive the support you need, you can certain successfully breastfeed two babies.

To get you started, the following are some photos that demonstrate the simultaneous breastfeeding of two babies/toddlers through combination holds, two cradle holds, and two football holds.

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