Guide: Essential Kit for Multiple Birth Classes

Multiple Birth Prenatal Class Content for those with a Medical Background.

The Essential Kit for Multiple Birth Support Chapters, Community and Health Care Centres


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Guide Description

If you have a medical back ground and are familiar with medical terms, you will be interested in this essential brochure outlining a Multiple Birth Prenatal class from A to Z. If there are no classes in your community and you were thinking of either putting some together,


wishing to augment the classes you already have in place, consider this in depth, detailed class outline.

About the Author

The content is written by Lynda P. Haddon, a Multiple Birth Educator with over 22 years of teaching
multiple-birth prenatal classes in Ottawa, Canada and area. Haddon is a mother of twins and two singletons.

Over 1,000 families expecting twins and triplets have benefitted from her classes. Content includes relevant topics such as:

  • prenatal nutritional needs
  • preparing the other children for the arrivals
  • recognizing preterm labour
  • father/partner’s role in the pregnancy and births
  • what parents can expect in the delivery room
  • unexpected outcomes
  • breastfeeding/feeding information and challenges
  • getting the babies on the same schedule
  • working with sleep deprivation
  • prioritizing necessary tasks
  • keeping an on-going check on the marital relationship
  • and so much more!

Haddon has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally by Multiple Births Canada and United Way for her work with multiple-birth families and in low birth weight prevention.

Don’t miss out on either creating or augmenting your multiple-birth classes with this easy to read and essential program content, easily tweaked to meet the needs in your own community.

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