Offering Lynda’s Multiple-Birth Prenatal Curriculum geared for Non-Medically Trained Individuals wishing to start multiple-birth prenatal classes in their community!

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Guide Description

This essential, 25-page, downloadable PDF is everything the non-medically trained presenter would need to instruct Multiple-Birth Prenatal Classes. They are geared for individuals with little or no medical background and who are interested in starting multiple-birth specific prenatal classes in their community. Each lesson is broken down step by step, from conception to delivery and beyond, so you can easily support parents. Multiple-birth support chapters, in particular, will find it an easy step from the conception to fruition of their classes.

The Guidelines include all the information needed to set up or augment your multiple-birth classes. Content covers a multiple-birth pregnancy and birth and first few weeks with rich, pertinent, detailed information and resources that parents need and be interested in. Topics include: nutrition, dad/partner’s role, unexpected outcomes, breastfeeding two babies simultaneously, dealing with the roller coaster emotions around being pregnant with multiples, preparation of other children/pets, cherishing the marital relationship, community support organizations and resources, items to have on hand in class to demonstrate parents’ special journey, relevant books and internet resources, glossary of terms and definitions so that you can properly use or explain terms parents will be hearing at their medical visits, and more.