Raising Multiple Birth Children

Although the rate of multiple births has skyrocketed in recent years, many parents of twins and triplets find that they are struggling to cope with the emotional, psychological, and financial pressures of parenting more than one baby. This book by William and Sheila Laut is a survival guide for the parents of multiples. It contains a compendium of tips and techniques collected from parents of multiple births across the country.

Raising Multiple Birth Children By William and Sheila Laut, 1999.

The chapters include:

Raising Multiple Birth Children1) “Congratulations, and Fasten Your Seat Belt!” focusing on pregnancy
2) “‘Time To Feather Your Nest’–A Guide to What You Will Need”
3) “‘Will They Ever Sleep through the Night?’–The First Six Months,” addressing sleeping, feeding, colic, and finding help
4) “‘Life Will Never Be the Same!’–Your New Lifestyle,” concerning parent adjustment
5) “‘Are They Natural?’,” on responding to personal questions
6) “‘Bringing Home the Bacon’–Financial Issues”
7) “‘Who Are All These Little People?’–The Second and Third Years,” focusing on teaching social skills, discipline, and toilet training
8) “‘The Instant Family Doesn’t Come with Instructions’–Making It Work and Building Quality Relationships”
9) “‘Can We Come Too?’–Around Town or Around the World–Traveling with Multiples”
10) “‘Another Year Already?’–Birthdays and Holidays”
11) “‘Quick, Give Me an Idea, FAST!’,” including tips regarding shopping and cleaning up
12) “‘It’s Gonna Take More Than Sit-Ups’–Tummy Tucks,” concerning plastic surgery
13) “‘I Miss the Kids Already and They’re Only Sleeping’,” containing parents’ reflections on their children’s growth
14)”Where To Turn for Information and Support.”

I haven’t yet read this book on raising multiple birth children by the parents of triplets, but it has come highly recommended to me. With the birth of triplets, William and Sheila Laut went from DINK (double income, no kids) to SINK (single income, numerous kids) desperate for advice, but finding little. Their book on how to raise multiple children is packed with practical tips for parents raising twins, triplets, quadruplets, and more. They also include suggestions for getting organized, baby gear you will need, coping with sleep deprivation (I like it already!), gift ideas, funny stories, (we can always use those) and more!

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