One of our beautiful twin grandsons was struck by a car

On February 2nd, 2005, one of our beautiful twin grandsons was struck by a car while riding his bicycle near his home on Long Island. His name is Anthony R. Matuza. He was only fifteen-years-old. Nicholas is Anthony’s twin brother.

For six days Anthony’s family, friends and church members surrounded him with faith, hope, love and many prayers. Anthony’s condition worsened, and on the sixth day, with no blood flow to his brain and no brain activity, his Mom and Dad had to make the heartbreaking decision to take Anthony off life support. Anthony died as he had lived, in the arms of those who loved him, and is now back in God’s care.

Our daughter Nicolle, Anthony’s Mom, is an E.R. nurse and an avid horse lover. Anthony’s Dad, Marty, is an Emergency Services Officer and a first responder in his fire district. After Anthony’s death, Nicolle’s faith was at its lowest point. She had begun to question even her steadfast belief in a just and merciful God. To fill her days Nicolle returned to her passion, riding and caring for horses. Being around the barn and walking the fragrant spring pastures seemed to give her a sense of communing with her lost son.

One weekend in early September while her Mom was visiting, Nicolle was online looking at horses. She found nothing that interested her in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut and was about to give up. Her Mom, Nana, suggested she try looking in Pennsylvania. Tired, Nana then went off to bed. A few minutes later she heard, “Mom, you have to come and see this”. There on the screen was “Anthony’s Faith Believe’n”. Looking further, they found the horse was born in February 2005, the same month and year Anthony died. Checking even further, they learned the horse cost fifteen hundred dollars, fifteen being the exact amount of years Anthony lived. This was the first day the ad was posted. Nana urged Nicolle to call right away. Marty laughed and said ” What do you need, lightning to strike you?” After Nicolle left a message with the woman who owned the horse, Nana took the call-back and asked if the horse was still for sale. The woman said “Yes.” Nana said, “We’ll take it!” She then went on to explain the sad circumstances of the loss of our grandson.

Now all we needed to do was find the money. It just so happened that Nana and I had a bond with accrued interest. The interest was fifteen hundred dollars, –fifteen hundred and nine dollars to be exact! Just the amount needed to buy the horse. Tom and Laurel, the owners of the stable where Nicolle was leasing a horse, even volunteered to trailer the new horse home for her from Union City in western Pennsylvania.

Our family believes that everything leading up to Nicolle buying this horse was Anthony’s way of telling her, “It’s all right Mom, I’m O.K. Now it’s time to move forward again.”

This pretty little seven month old filly, whose name is now Faith, was a gift from God and Anthony. She now lives on Long Island with Nicolle, Marty and Nicholas.


Edward J. & Vivian Smith, Canadensis, PA


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