Alicia shares her story of loss. After losing her second twin, she is mourning the loss of one child while trying to be present for the one she is still carrying.

I have been blessed with a 2 yr old daughter whose name is Abigail. 4 weeks ago my husband and I were having a ultrasound (I was 6 wks) and discovered two babies with heartbeats! We laughed and joked all day.

We were told [it was] early [in our pregnancy and] not to get overjoyed just yet. It looked as if they were in the same sac which can lead to problems later (cord entanglement, twin to twin transfusion etc) so for the next 4 weeks we worried and waited. I just had my second ultrasound yesterday at 10 weeks…

The first twin [was] actively moving and with a strong heartbeat….we saw what we had prayed for…two seperate membranes…(two seperate sacs). However, the second twin was one week smaller and had no heartbeat…

I am now mourning the loss of one child while trying to be happy for the one I am still carrying but it is very difficult. It has been nice to read the other stories and I thought I would share mine as well.


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