Memories to Cherish

My name is Cynthia and I’m the mother of two precious angels. I was pregnant with fraternal twins and at 18 weeks, my cervix started to dilate and I was rushed to the hospital so a cerclage [Editor’s Note: a method of binding or stitching the cervix closed in the hopes of prolonging a pregnancy] could be put in place. I was told the risk of miscarrying was still high because the membrane was showing when I went to my doctor’s office.

Therefore, my doctor had to push my amniotic sac up to insert the stitch. If an infection started because of these procedure, my body would naturally abort my baby. I was kept at the hospital for a few days after the procedure ( which is normally and outpatient procedure) for safety precautions. I was sent home and my water ruptured. I went to the emergency room and again was admitted to the hospital after a couple of days, I lost Jacob when I went the restroom with no signs this would happen. They had just taken me off the contraction monitor and nothing registered. I didn’t know what to expect a 19 week fetus to look like so I was extremely scared. I had an awesome nurse that convinced to look at my baby and hold him did and my parents arranged a funeral for him.

I stayed in the hospital because I still had my other angel to hold on to. Everything looked fine and my doctor was positive that she was a keeper. Unfortunately, after 11 days of being in the hospital I was sent home and after 3 days my water broke. The cerclage was kept in so I could try to carry the baby a little longer but I was 21 weeks and the percentage was 0% that a baby that young would survive. I started running a fever so labor had to be induced and my precious Celeste was born. I was asked if I wanted to put her on a respiratory monitor and hold her until she passes on her on.

It was a tough decision but I held her until she passed. Seeing her breath and move in my arms was tough but I will always have those memories to cherish. They are buried side by side in our family plot and I’m writing these to inform those if you experiencing loss that life does go on. Take it day by day and you will become stronger. Take pictures of your babies and hold them to tell them good-bye. Contact me if you’d like at, I’ll be your support and you can be mine.

Take care and God Bless,

Cynthia mother of Jacob Preston born 4/22/03 and Celeste Marie born 5/7/03

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