Loss of Twins

On December 16, 2002, an ultrasound revealed that I was having twin girls. Sure I was shocked at first, but I was elated over the news. I had no idea that twelve days later my beautiful babies would be no more.

On December 25, after opening presents with my family, I discovered that I was bleeding. Fear and dread overtook me. I knew that I should not be bleeding this late in the pregnancy. I met the doctor at the hospital. He checked me, and performed another ultrasound. The babies were fine. He told me to go home and stay on bed rest for a week. However, I continued to bleed throughout the next day.

I started having back pains, but for some reason I did not connect the pain to labor. I called the doctor’s office again. I was instructed to get to the hospital. After examining me, the doctor informed my husband and I that I had dilated 2 centimeters. He told me that maybe they could save one of the babies if they could stop the contractions by suturing my cervix shut.

That wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but the chance of having at least one was better than loosing both. From Thursday, December 26, until Saturday December 28, my doctor did all he could to save my girls. Family and friends prayed throughout the ordeal.

At 10:26, Caitlyn was born. She weighed 15 and 1/4 ounces. Six minutes later Jailyn was born. She weighed 14.9 ounces. My angels were too premature. Their little hearts beat for awhile after they were born, and they tried to breathe. There was no hope. They could not survive outside the womb. I carried my babies for 21 weeks and four days. Up until delivery, I could feel them moving.

I miss my babies every hour of the day. I feel so overwhelmed with guilt sometimes at the loss of twins.

Dee, Alabama

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