Loss of Twins

My name is Betty. I am on my second marriage to a wonderful man whom has no children. I have two children, an 11yr old daughter and 10yr old son, from a previous marriage. My story is that my husband and I had been trying to conceive for about a year and a half. In October of 2002 we found that my husband had a low sperm count and I had gone for an Hysteralpingogram [test to try and unblock fallopian tubes] and we were waiting for more tests to be performed. In November I had come down with a cold and put off going for a pregnancy test. Because of the odds who would think that it could happen? Well, I took a [pregnancy] test because I didn’t want to take all the cold medicines without knowing first if I could be pregnant. I couldn’t believe it..it was positive (I bought two more and they turned out positive too!). Then it was confirmed by my doctor.

I was really crampy and thought it was my period coming. They said it was perfectly normal but scheduled an ultrasound anyway. So there we were at our first ultrasound. Ahhh to see our baby’s first heartbeats at 6wks. How proud we were…. but in the corner was something else..another BABY! Twins..We were so happy.

The weeks went on and on January 21,2003 at 13 1/2 weeks pregnant with no complications, our world came crumbling down. I woke up that morning to a little mucas spot so I called the doctor. They weren’t too concerned but said if it would make me feel better to come in. So as two different doctors tried to find heart beats, there were none to be found.

I was rushed to the hospital for an ultrasound and as the pictures came on the screen, there were my twins. How beautiful with little heads, hands and feet..but no heart beats! They were identical and shared the same sac. The only explanation that was given to us was that they got tangled in their umbilical cords. One baby was bigger than the other so we believe that he/she lived longer.

We are taking it day to day. Each of us is grieving our own way. And we think of them often. Thank you for hearing our story.


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