I am a mother of quadruplets

I am a mother of quadruplets.  The excitement over carrying four babies carried me through a miserable pregnancy.  I dreamed of four cribs, four bouncy seats, and of four children playing ball in the backyard.  Everyone was so excited.  We had tried for three years to have a baby, and God blessed us with four.

I started having contractions at sixteen weeks, and was in the hospital more or less for two months.  I prayed and asked others to pray that I could hold my precious babies inside “just a little bit longer” and for a while…I was able to, but then what was meant to be…happened.  At 25 weeks Alexander, Benjamin, Callie, and Donovan were delivered by c-section into a world that was not ready for them.

I was told that my babies probably would not live through the night.  If they did live through the next three days, they had a thirty percent chance each of leaving the hospital.  As much pain as I was in, I forced my husband to bring me my wheelchair…call the nurse…and [we] went up to the NICU to see my babies.  I had to see them…in case they did not make it…

For three weeks, our little fighters were incredible…inspirational…and wonderful.  My husband and I were so proud of our little darlings.  I lived at the hospital…literally..for those three weeks.  I occupied a room right beneath the NICU.

We got news that our Alex was very sick.  They ran antibiotics..and he seemed to be responding…but then took a turn for the worse.  He had renal failure…and was bloated up to three times his size.  (He was one pound and four ounces at birth…and was close to three pounds at this time.)  The ossillator’s oxygen and pressure levels were so high, they talked about using another machine.  Finally, it was determined that the infection was in his central line.  They pulled it.  The infection went to his heart, where it made an enormous blood clot.  All organs began shutting down.  His brain swelled.  My husband and I agreed to take him off of support.

Our family waited in a sterile room, private from the NICU.  It was the room surgeries were performed in.  The same room two of my babies had the opening between their lungs and heart closed….just hours before.  It was so quiet…so final.  A nurse in tears brought my swollen baby boy to me in a blue gown and blanket.  He was off the ventilatior.  He was dying.  She tucked him in my arms. The room exploded in sobs, but I was so numb…that I just held him…kissed him…and said goodbye.  He sucked his last exhausted breath in my arms.  He smelled like death.  He was cold.  The doctor came in to pronounce the time of his death.  My husband and I passed our son’s body around the room to same family members who were unable to see him in life because of the restrictions in the NICU.

We had the funeral two days later.  Our three survivors made it home.  They have an Angel in heaven.

Melissa, Texas

Loss of Twins

On December 16, 2002, an ultrasound revealed that I was having twin girls. Sure I was shocked at first, but I was elated over the news. I had no idea that twelve days later my beautiful babies would be no more.

On December 25, after opening presents with my family, I discovered that I was bleeding. Fear and dread overtook me. I knew that I should not be bleeding this late in the pregnancy. I met the doctor at the hospital. He checked me, and performed another ultrasound. The babies were fine. He told me to go home and stay on bed rest for a week. However, I continued to bleed throughout the next day.

I started having back pains, but for some reason I did not connect the pain to labor. I called the doctor’s office again. I was instructed to get to the hospital. After examining me, the doctor informed my husband and I that I had dilated 2 centimeters. He told me that maybe they could save one of the babies if they could stop the contractions by suturing my cervix shut.

That wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but the chance of having at least one was better than loosing both. From Thursday, December 26, until Saturday December 28, my doctor did all he could to save my girls. Family and friends prayed throughout the ordeal.

At 10:26, Caitlyn was born. She weighed 15 and 1/4 ounces. Six minutes later Jailyn was born. She weighed 14.9 ounces. My angels were too premature. Their little hearts beat for awhile after they were born, and they tried to breathe. There was no hope. They could not survive outside the womb. I carried my babies for 21 weeks and four days. Up until delivery, I could feel them moving.

I miss my babies every hour of the day. I feel so overwhelmed with guilt sometimes at the loss of twins.

Dee, Alabama


The birth of my triplets, and the subsequent loss of one of my three sons occurred in 1998. In my mind, it seems like only yesterday. I gave birth extremely prematurely at 24 weeks gestation shortly after my water broke. My first of three sons was born on April 26th, 1998 at 9:00pm, and he needed to be resuscitated following delivery. I held on to my other two sons for one more day, but then labour started.

I went in for an emergency C-section (because of their positioning) on April 28th, 1998 at 2:30pm. My second two sons had to be ventilated immediately after birth and they were taken to NICU.

Our first son survived for three weeks. He encountered almost every complication related to prematurity it seemed. He fought hard and endured as long as he could. After three difficult weeks, our first baby boy died peacefully in his father’s arms. I still remember that day. It sunk in that we no longer had three sons. Our other sons survived the crucial weeks ahead and we took them home 102 days later.

Thank you for reading my story about my three sons.

Carole, Calgary, Alberta