Blender Baby Food

For parents wishing to make their own baby foods or wishing to have some fun choices to offer toddlers, this book on blender baby food is a must have! The sections of this book are broken down into chronological sections, from when babies need to begin solid foods through 12 months and older, and includes suggested meal plans for each age. There are 125 delicious baby food recipes included for beginning solids, with hints and tips in the margins on how to “upgrade” each recipe for older children.

Blender Baby Food, Nicole Young and Nadine Day, 2005, Robert Rose Inc., 189 Pages

baby foodThe authors begin with steps on how to recognize when your babies are ready to begin solids, address food consistency at each age and stage, answer safety with food issues (such as with eggs), choking hazards, storing, freezing and thawing prepared foods and offer a list of the equipment you can expect to use when preparing your own baby food. There is even a section covering salt, sugars and The Picky Eater. It couldn’t be easier.

Blender Baby Food guides readers through the process of making their own baby food. The blender is an easy, no fuss way to offer new flavours in a baby-friendly texture. Even after a child begins to eat table food, there is always an occasion for a fruit smoothie or a nutritious blended dip.

Young and Day include three reasons for parents to make their own baby food:

    • 1) The ingredients are all hand selected, assuring healthy and wholesome meals
    • 2) Parents can easily tailor the texture to their baby’s preferences
    • 3) It will help shape a baby’s tastes so he or she can appreciate fresh foods

The book also includes meal plans, helpful tips and techniques and even advice on storing and freezing baby food. Using this comprehensive cookbook, parents will quickly discover that giving their baby the best nutritional advantage is its own reward.

Another great point – it’s a Canadian book!

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