What to Bring to the Hospital: ideas for Mom, Dad/Partner, Babies

A common question, especially for first time parents, is “What do I need to pack for the hospital?” Here are some suggestions for all of you:

For Mom

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Hairbrush/comb and shampoo
  • Any other toiletries you might like, e.g. make-up, face creams
  • Two loose fitting nighties, preferably the breastfeeding kind. You will probably be wearing a hospital gown during for your delivery.
  • Slippers
  • Housecoat
  • You may sleep more comfortably with your own pillow(s)
  • If you want underwear and can’t find anything that fits, try men’s boxers – they are amazing, come in very large sizes and will go above your large belly before birth and above the incision in the evenr you have of c-section
  • Some people like to bring their own music but make sure you also bring earphones so as not to disturb anyone else
  • You could bring a journal for writing in
  • You might bring reading material, knitting or crocheting. These can help pass the time for someone on bedrest or after the babies are born
  • I found it very helpful to have some tiny mints such as Tic Tacs for use during labour. You aren’t allowed to eat or drink (other than some ice chips) and your mouth gets so dry from all of the mouth breathing during labour. Tic Tacs are perfect for this period of time
  • Clothing to come home in

For Dad/Partner

  • If labour is long, you might want some reading material for when your spouse is sleeping or resting
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and shaving equipment
  • How about a thermos of coffee so you don’t need to leave the birthing room?
  • Maybe a change of shirt, if you are to be there for a while
  • Some hospitals let dad/partner stay over night. Pyjames are a really good idea
  • Phone list of family members and friends you want to call after the babies are born

For the Babies

  • Initially they will probably only need a diaper, which the hospital provides
  • For low birth weight or premature babies, you may wish to purchase little nightshirts that are monitor friendly (the hospital can guide you as to when the babies can wear them)
  • When the babies leave the hospital, you will need a weather-appropriate outfit per child
  • Light blankets (or heavier if it is Winter) per baby to bring them home
  • Rear-facing car seat per child


  • Multiple Births Canada for information on car seats, and all things multiple births
  • Ever So Tiny – for premature and monitor friendly clothing and Twin Nursing Pillows
  • 2 by 2 Multiples – The fun site to go shopping for your multiples.
  • BabyLinq – An online resource for the popular Maya Wrap Sling baby carrier and other baby items and parenting tips. Geared particularly to the preemie and micro-preemie, their beautiful and soft clothing fits the smallest among us and is versatile enough to be used easily with medical monitors and tubes.
  • Chia’s Breastfeeding Friendly Clothing – Lindy Mertick’s line of breasfeeding clothing is manufactured by her home based business. This website has useful tips, breastfeeding info, mothering support and an extensive on-line catalogue.
  • Extraordinary Baby Shoppe – Great diaper information, diaper bags, items for Mom-to-be (maternity underwear), Mom, breastfeeding, slings, baby food.
  • Graco – Wonderful variety of baby products: strollers, car seats, backpacks.
  • Milkface Nursingwear – Your online breastfeeding resource! Young, modern and fashionable clothing for breastfeeding mothers as well as accessories to enhance your nursing relationship, from nursing bras to baby slings. Special services available to customers in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area.

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