Twin daughters and important support from our local Church

I went through a lot with my twin daughters. My first twin was born naturally [vagnally] at a birthing stool in our birthing clinic in our Church with the help of my husband and midwife. However, my second twin’s waterbag broke when the first twin came out so, as she had lots of space, she went transverse across my womb. When I pushed, her right hand came out! My midwife put her hand back in and tried to turn her but her hand delivered first again.

As I was already bleeding, we decided to go to the hospital where she was born by C-section. Therese wasn’t breathing and developed pneumonia because within the 4 hours she spent alone in my womb, she swallowed some meconium. She was intubated and had to be helped by a machine to breathe… it was really a trying time for us…, but with the help of my Church & churchmates…, everyone was praying for her healing!

She grew stronger everyday. We admitted our first twin so she would be near her twin sister and she was roomed in us on the 6th day. I felt like I had no milk and I was really agonizing over the milk supply issue… in the meantime, my churchmate who’s known as a “milking cow,” supplied breastmilk for my twin in NICU… so my baby never tasted formula. We made her their godmother because of her generosity and compassion upon us.

We went home with the first twin after 2 weeks and I successfully breastfed her while trying to pump for my second twin but I produced so little!

Finally, by God’s grace & healing, we were able to bring her home after 3 weeks but that’s when my depression set in. I worried so much that the twins weren’t getting enough that’s how depressed and that was 2 months ago! It’s really a miracle & God’s hand upon me that I’ve survived breastfeeding for 4 months…everyday is a challenge but i do believe it’s getting better & better. I’m very determined to breastfeed them for as long as I can. I’m really very interested in helping moms breastfeed because I’m so grateful to the people who encouraged me. As I was typing, I was feeding my first twin..hehe. 🙂

Chat, Philippines

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