Twin Birth Story

My husband and I were your everyday common couple. We met, we married, we wanted a family. After seven months of trying to become pregnant we discovered one Sunday morning at 4:00 am when the test came back blue that we were pregnant. After visiting the doctor they set our due date to be October 10, 2005.

All was going fine, no morning sickness, no odd or unusual cravings, until on March 9thI started bleeding at work. A co-worker rushed me to the doctors for an ultrasound. The first thing that goes through a woman’s mind when she is pregnant and bleeding is she is loosing the baby. I called my husband and told him to meet me there [at the ultrasound clinic]. I hopped up on the ultrasound table and at 9 weeks you have to have the internal ultrasound. They inserted the “magic wand” and the next statement I hear from the ultrasound technician is “Mrs. W. did you know you are having TWINS…” I looked over to the monitor and there they were. My two little peanuts on the display screen. I burst into tears thinking not only am I loosing one baby but both.

It turns out all was well, no complications or problems. Now I had to tell my husband we were having twins. He arrived just as I walked out to the car in the parking garage. I ran up to him, hugged him and told him “we’re fine; me and both babies; we’re having twins!”  My husband and I never took fertility drugs, and it wasn’t until we announced to the family that we discovered that twins ran in the family.

All went well during my pregnancy. I was able to carry my twins to 34 weeks gestational term. I began having contractions and after a week of bed rest, we went to the local hospital for a c-section delivery. My twins were born at 10:27 AM and 10:28 AM on August 28, 2005. Baby A weighed 5 pounds 6 & ½ ounces. Baby B weighed 5 pounds and ¼ ounce. I was blessed with a blonde and a brunet. Both babies stayed in the hospital a total of 7 days before being released to go home just in time for Labor Day.

Today they are 7 months old and doing well. I feel very fortunate to have healthy, happy babies. I see changes in their personalities on a daily basis.

For any mother about to give birth to multiples, I can only offer one piece of advice: Ask for help, take it when offered, and remember that you are truly doubly blessed.

Heather, Mommy to Breanna and Kayla

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