Our precious angels, Aidan, Peyton and Tyson

I would like to share our story about our precious angels, Aidan, Peyton and Tyson. We would only have 10 short days with our precious sons.

My name is Tammy and I am 35, my husband is Steven he is also 35. We have been married 18 years and we have one living son, Mitchell who is 17 years old. We had Mitchell when we were 17 and we decided to finish high school and college before adding to our family. Also, Mitchell was born at 24 weeks and we struggled with the medical issues of raising a premature baby. He has had many surgeries and some learning disabilities, he is doing great now.

Once we got to the point [of trying again] we struggled with infertility and 3 miscarriages. This process took 8 years, we couldn’t go to a specialist until this past year due to insurance coverage but once my dh [dear husband] changed jobs, his new insurance covered treatments. We were just thrilled and started testing and our first month with injectables and IUI, we got pregnant.

We were shocked and thrilled, then 5 weeks after the positive test we found out we had triplets!!! Talk about shocked but again we were thrilled and looked forward to adding 3 babies to our family. We had some early problems with spotting but all was fine, then at 14 weeks the doctor put in a stitch to hold my cervix, which went fine. After that I quit work to stay on simi bed rest and everything was going great.

At 23 weeks I had a large amount of leaking which I thought was one of the bags of water breaking. We went to the hospital but they said it wasn’t any of the bags after doing an ultra sound and they sent me home. Then at 24 weeks I started having contractions. In one week I went to the hospital 6 times with contractions, they gave me meds to stop them and sent me home each time.

After the second visit I went to my doctor and he checked my cervix, which was still closed and we did an ultrasound to check the babies and they were fine. That was on Tue. by Friday the contractions were worse so we went back to the hospital, twice that day. My doctor was out of town so we had to deal with the doctor who was on call, who NEVER came in the room to see me.  The nurses did everything. I won’t go into to [it] but I hold them at fault, they never checked my cervix and put the monitor on wrong and said I wasn’t having contractions. Well whatever they [the contractions] were, they HURT like heck!!

I was told I had a bladder infection and with 3 babies on my bladder that is what I was feeling [but I should]  take some meds for the infection and it would be better in a couple of days. WRONG! By the next morning we were back at the hospital with Aidan’s hand presenting.  I had to have an emergency c-section.

My 3 boys were delivered at 24 weeks weighing: Aidan 1 lb. 4 oz., Peyton 1lb.7oz. and Tyson 1lb. 6oz. and all were 12 inches in length. Aidan lived 2 hours, Peyton lived 32 hours and Tyson lived 48 hours (he was such a little fighter). We did have time to spend with each of them and we got some beautiful pictures of them. I didn’t get to hold Aidan while he was still alive because they ended up having to put me under for the c-section and by the time I came too he had passed away. I miss them so much and don’t understand this but I am trying harder each day. Today they would be 9 months old and it is still hard but I know God is taking care of my babies in Heaven and one day we will be with them again. I also know that God has a plan and my sons’ lives will have purpose.


  • Husband: Steven
  • One living son: Mitchell Blake 12/7/86 at 24 weeks 17 yrs old now (our miracle)
  • 3 angels due to miscarriage (9/93, 10/97, 11/99)
  • 3 precious angels born alive but died after birth:
    Birth day Nov. 29, 2003: born at 24 weeks
    Aidan Kai (died 11/29/03)
    Peyton Sloan (died 11/30/03)
    Tyson Connor (died 12/1/03)

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