My Story


I don’t know if I even have the right site, but here is my story.

My precious twins arrived unexpectedly, (didn’t know it was 2), 3 1/2 months early, in Sept/85, they weighed 3.5 lbs..and 3 lbs.

They struggled for survival for 2 months and came out of the ordeal with no health problems. Learning disabilies (mild) cropped up in kindergarden..and they worked for every mark they earned…right through to Grade 11. It stops there…because one of the boys (Eric) was hit by a car and killed instantly (Nov 19/03). Next month, was supposed to be a double graduation from Grade 12 for our family…instead…one twin is gone…and the surviving twin (Christopher) has lost most of this school year because of absences.

I don’t know where to turn for help…I tried one group, but they are not in Canada. As time marches on…the pain is growing worse for both the surviving twin and myself. They are identical twins…and they were very very close in [their] relationship. I see Eric in his twin more and more as time passes. Some would think this a blessing..but sometimes, it is more than I can bear.

If this is not the right place for me (as I see mostly in utero, and newborn twins in this site) Could you please help me? and Christopher? and direct us to where we should be?

Thank you so much for listening to me. Diane

(Lynda’s Note: Diane [these twins’ Mom] is a twin herself and although she still has her twin, she is doubly pained by what her surviving son is going through.)


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