Loss of Twins Darion and Alysa

The loss of twins, Darion and Alysa, was one of the most difficult things we’ve gone through. My husband and I were delighted to learn that we were pregnant with twins. We conceived on my 27th birthday, after trying for many years.

My pregnancy was a very difficult one. I suffered from severe morning sickness. By the time I was three months, I had lost over ten pounds and by the time I was 20 weeks, I had lost over 16 pounds. Morning sickness was my greatest enemy. I threw up at least four to five times everyday for my entire pregnancy.

Up until my last doctor’s visit, both babies were doing great despite my weight loss and constant vomitting, they were growing well.

That is, until February 4th 2008, when I was almost 22 weeks. My darling daughter’s membranes broke. I was rushed to the hospital where I was told that I was dilated 1cm but there was no sure sign that the gush I felt was from the membranes since both babies were showing that there was enough fluid in the membranes.

I was kept on bed rest for two days when I started getting mild contractions and I was losing my mucous plug (I did not know this at the time). Upon examination, they discovered that I was fully dilated and my baby Alysa was coming hand first. By the end of that day her hand had come straight out for everyone to see. She was stuck in my cervix for three days.

My doctor was unsure of what to do since trying to get her out would pose a threat to her brother, who was doing great at the time.

They decided to do nothing and hope that I could make it just a few more weeks where both babies would be viable. It was not to be. On 9th February 2008 I went into full labour and after much difficulty baby Alysa was delivered at around 3am. I was given a drug in the hopes of carrying my son Darion a few more weeks but three hours later, I went into labour again. My water broke and my son Darion was born at 6.05am. Both babies weighed just over a pound each.

They were the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. I was broken forever that day and I long so much to hold my children. I will forever remember my first two babies.

Mommy and Daddy will love you forever!!


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