Loss of twins Emma Rose and Abigail Grace

After our loss, this was written in memory of our beautiful daughters, Emma Rose and Abigail Grace, who are now with God.

My husband and I found out we were pregnant in November of 2005, and were really excited to have a baby born in the summer.  We went for our first doctor’s appointment in January and they did an ultrasound to make sure the due date was correct.  That was when we found out we would be having twins.  We were so excited yet scared out of our minds at the same time.  How would we take care of 3 children under 3 years old at one time?

Everything was going well, so we thought, and had another appointment at 14 weeks where the babies looked to be healthy and their hearts were beating away. There were happy little feet all over the ultrasound.  It was a few weeks later we would have the worst day.  It was February 13th, I will not have a liking for Valentine’s day anymore, when we went for our next doctor’s appointment.

The Doctor was running late and everything seemed fine.  Then I sat on the examination table for the ultrasound and knew something was wrong.  The Doctor did an ultrasound and could not find a heartbeat.  I was sick, I couldn’t help but think how could this happen to me?  I did everything right, I didn’t drink caffeine, I even watched my sugar intake.

On February 14th, we went to the delivery unit of the hospital.  And they did another ultrasound.  I prayed the enitre night before that something must have been wrong with the ultrasound machine and it just wasn’t working right.  They did the ultrasound and the result was the same bad news.  There was no heart beats.  We had lost our twins.  They had passed away around the 15th week, shortly after I had seen them dancing on the ultrasound.  Our twins had suffered from TTTS.  It caused both babies to have heart failure.

I gave birth to our beautiful daughters on February 15th, 2006.  Their names were Emma Rose, and Abigail Grace.  They will forever be in our hearts.


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