About Lynda

Lynda Haddon is the mother of three grown-up children: dizygotic twin daughters and another daughter, 22 months their elder. She has been involved with multiple birth issues for three decades, is a Past President of Multiple Births Canada, Canada’s only national support organization for multiples and their families (www.multiplebirthscanada.org), as well as Multiple Births Families Association in Ottawa (www.mbfa.ca).

Lynda, has been teaching multiple-birth specific prenatal classes for two+ decades. She has written, developed and expanded the support literature for new and expecting parents (and for grandparents too!).

Besides assisting parents expecting multiples, Lynda has also worked extensivel with bereaved multiple-birth families as well as with surviving co-multiples. She has spoken at Perinatal Loss Conferences internationally as well as written and developed bereavement support literature on numerous topics, which has been distributed extensively.

Lynda was a member of the Ottawa Coalition for the Prevention of Low Birth Weight (www.lbwinfo.ca) for its duration of 12 years and its Chair for the final five years. Together with several colleagues, she developed the multiple-birth low birth weight information on the Coalition’s Web Site.

The Perinatal Committee of Eastern Ontario established the Ottawa-Carleton Community Prenatal Committee and charged them with the task of determining and coordinating standardized minimum content in prenatal classes given in the Ottawa region. Lynda was a member of this Committee for five years.

Lynda has been recognized for her many years of working to provide support and resources for parents in our community and beyond:

  • 2000 - Multiple Births Canada’s National Making A Difference Award
  • 2004 - Multiple Births Canada’s International Making a Difference Award
  • 2006 - United Way’s Community Builder Award
  • 2012 - Multiple Births Canada’s National Making A Difference Award