Expecting Twins, Triplets, or More?

Our Multiple Birth Parental Classes DVD contains over 3 hours of essential information.

This Web Site offers information regarding multiple births. It includes pregnancy and post-natal information and, from the point of view of new parents, attempts to address some questions and concerns of multiple-birth parents.  My hope is that you will find answers to some of your questions and soon be able to relax and enjoy your babies.  If there are additional questions you need to ask, at the bottom of each article there is the opportunity to ask those questions of me.

Not all multiple-birth families have the same experience, so I am including bereavement information and resources for parents, grandparents and surviving co-multiples.

I have been a multiple birth educator for nearly three decades. As a mother of three daughters, including dizygotic twins and a singleton 22 months their elder, I am excited to share this amazing parenting experience with you.

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