Speaking Engagements

I am available to speak on the two broad subjects germane to this site: pre-natal education for parents expecting multiple births and issues related to bereavement in the context of multiple pregnancies or multiple births. I have previously spoken to parent focused as well as professional groups. Besides providing single event talks, I am also available to offer workshops or consulation regarding course development.
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September, 2012, Mattawa, Ontario
Multiple Births Canada AGM

Workshop:  Putting Together a Multiple Birth Prenatal Class

Panel Discussion:  Breastfeeding, Loss and Preterm Support Networks

October, 2011, Prague, Czech
Prague First National Multiple Birth Conference
Multiple Births Pregnancy Losses and Bereavement Support

October, 2011, Windsor, Ontario
Multiple Births Canada AGM
Workshop: Putting together a Multiple Birth Prenatal Class

Workshop: Breastfeeding Multiples

June, 2010, Ottawa Ontario
Perinatal Partnership Program of Eastern and Southeaster Ontario, Annual Conference
New Mother Dilemma: Breastfeeding Premature and/or Multiples

October, 2009, Collingwood, Ontario
Multiple Births Canada’s Annual Conference, conducted a Workshop on setting up multiple-birth specific prenatal classes in your delegates’ local communities.

October, 2008
Markham, Ontario: Multiple Births Canada’s Annual Conference and celebration of 30 years supporting Canadian multiple-birth families. Spoke to the different types of loss in multiple-birth pregnancies, infancy and childhood, how to provide support to families and how to find appropriate resources. Also discussed the unique situation for surviving co-multiples in going from “we” to “I.”

September 2005
Presentation on multiple births to the Birth Companions, Carleton
Place, Ontario

October 23-27, 2004, Las Vegas, Nevada
14th National Perinatal Bereavement Conference
Lighting the Path, Guiding the Way
Co-presenter, with Cathy Deschenes. To bereavement counsellors, bereaved multiple birth parents, nurses, chaplins. Cathy spoke on her personal loss of Jordan and Katie, and Lynda spoke to the unique challenges faced by bereaved multiple birth parents and offered suggestions and ideas regarding handling those challenges.

November, 2003
Presentation to Public Health Nurses regarding loss and bereavement support in multiple birth and how best to support these grieving families.

September, 2003
Presentation to Prenatal Inservice healthcare providers regarding multiple birth pregnancy loss and bereavement support

May, 2003
Presentation to Multiple Birth Support Chapters on developing appropriate support tools for their bereaved members.

May, 2003
Co-Facilitated presentation to Multiple Birth Support Chapters on development and setting up of Multiple Birth Prenatal Classes.

February, 2002
Presentation to La Leche League Leaders on breastfeeding multiples

May, 2001
Speaker at Life With Children, 28th Annual Spring Conference for Parents, Teachers & Caregivers; Multiple Birth: The Challenges of Raising Twins and Triplets

November, 2000
Presentation on ‘Multiple Pregnancy’ to nursing students of the High- Risk Intrapartum Nursing course

September, 2000
Panel Member at Perinatal Grief: Living with Loss Conference in Toronto, Ontario

January, 2000
Presentation to multicultural Public Health Nurses who attend at homes of parents, some families with multiples. Presentation provided insight into the unique challenges, marriage & financial burdens, potential for special needs children and more, facing parents with multiples.

November, 1999
Presentation to Ottawa Hospital, General Campus Bereavement Committee on loss in Multiple Birth

January, 1999
Presentation on ‘Multiple Pregnancy’ to nursing students of the High- Risk Intrapartum Nursing course

November, 1998
Presentation to Algonquin College Students regarding the necessity of having a multiple birth support group to address the unique needs and challenges of parents having twins, triplets or more.

October, 1996
In-service presentation to Ottawa Valley Lactation Consultants