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Vanishing Twin and Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction: New Reproductive Technologies, New Losses

There are two types of losses which, in my opinion, are often overlooked, not only by family and friends, but also by many professionals, including medical practitioners, therapists and grief counsellors.  Those two losses are Vanishing Twin and Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction.  For reasons which can be understood, although debated, one can see why they might be marginalized (it’s an early loss…, “you hadn’t yet had time to bond with your child(ren)” or “at least you still have one [two]”). However judging by the number of e-mails I receive from families with questions, disbelief, concerns and aching hearts, I think, as a society, we...

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Multiples are Individuals Too

April, 2007 Oprah recently had a show focusing on multiples. There was a delightful family with sextuplets who shared the challenges of raising six babies at one time. The family was obviously full of love and delight with their family, yet they also provided honest feedback on the difficulties and exhaustion they faced with their unique family. They have two older children to add to the mix. Oprah also interviewed 28-year old triplet men whom had an interesting background and achievements whose father died unexpectedly when they were 10 years old. They have two older brothers and their mother raised her five sons on a teacher’s salary after their father...

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Timely Medical Response When a Baby Dies

29th July, 2007 For nearly 20 years, I have provided grief support and resources to parents losing one, more or all their multiple-birth children. On their behalf, I reflect on a situation which warrants some discussion. There are some healthcare professionals who, while Mom is pregnant and for follow-up after birth, encourage appointments and answer questions; yet, if there is a loss by or at delivery they stop being accessible after the initial one or two postnatal visits; they refuse to provide a timely medical response. Yet again, I heard from a Mom who, four months after the birth of her twin survivor, has no word on lab test results in spite of several calls to her...

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