Loss of a baby, infants or children

Vanishing Twin Syndrome (VTS), Part 2

This article is for information and overview purposes only and does not represent every possibility or situation.  If you are concerned about any aspect of your pregnancy, please consult your doctor as affects your particular situation. The use of diagnostic ultrasound imaging has made it possible to determine as early as five or six weeks that Mom is pregnant. Ultrasound (US) picks up the fetal heartbeat(s) allowing the medical team to also determine how many fetuses are present. In some cases, two or more fetal heartbeats can be found leading to excitement and some trepidation for the expecting parents. The use of US to determine pregnancy at such an early stage,...

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Loss in Multiple Birth

We know very early we are pregnant and with how many. We are excited, scared, elated, worried about the finances, thrilled, wonder how it will all work out. Some where along the line something goes terribly wrong and one, more or all the babies die. Nothing about this is fair. It is the wrong order. Here are some suggestions about coping, what you might be feeling and hopefully some tools to help you both get through.

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Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction

When reduction of one or more fetuses is suggested, we need to know more. What does that mean? What will happen? What can we expect?

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Vanishing Twin Syndrome, Part 1

By 6 weeks we know we are pregnant with multiples and with how many; by 12 weeks the situation completely changes. It’s an unfair and painful shock.

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A loss by 20 weeks gestation is called a miscarriage. There may be a loss of one fetus or more. It is a heart break and not every one understands the pain.

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Stillbirth and Newborn Death

Loss after 20 weeks gestation or shortly after birth. It isn’t supposed to happen, is unfair, and changes us forever. How can this happen?

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